Business Family Interview: Jerome Stern

Jeremy Hazelhurst interviews Jerome Stern, our CEO, for Business family on the history of the Stern family and the secret to preserving wealth over generations.

Business Family Interview: Jerome Stern


For most Londoners, the statue of Peace Descending on the Quadriga of War that sits on top of the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner is something you hardly notice, the sort of thing that like our soggy skies just exists. But, of course it doesn’t just exist. It was put there by somebody. In this case it was the 1st Baron Michelham, otherwise known as Sir Herbert Stern, of the Stern banking family, who paid for the statue back in 1912. I learned this fact from another Stern – Jérôme, a seventh generation member of the family business, who now looks after the family’s money. His company, J Stern & Co, is right at the Hyde Park Corner end of Knightsbridge, in quite possibly the closest office to that statue.

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