Digital Marketing: Last month we saw the future


Last month, we arranged an event in association with Exponea, a London-based specialist digital marketing company, which helped to highlight just how large this industry will become over the next decade. Adobe Systems is another digital technology company that is a core holding in our portfolios. It is the world’s leading digital marketing company. With a panel of speakers and audience ranging from technology executives to advertising agencies, marketing industry consultants, entrepreneurs and investors, we learned about some of the challenges faced and how the industry is likely to evolve. Our insight piece this month is written by Giles Tulloch which summarises what we learnt about digital marketing, its impact on virtually every company in our portfolios and the opportunities it offers them

Digital Marketing: Last month we saw the future

Adobe Systems is one of the flagship investments in our portfolios. Over the last three years since we have owned the stock in the portfolio, the shares have performed exceptionally well. Whilst many people are familiar with some of their Creative products, for example, Photoshop and Acrobat PDF, there is another business division within Adobe, their Digital Marketing suite which does not garner as much attention. We were very early to identify the opportunity of the Digital Marketing business and it is now coming into the foreground. Adobe is the pioneer in this industry but there is also a multitude of smaller specialist companies who are attempting to break into this market.

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