J. Stern & Co. World Stars: The global equity fund seeking quality over quantity

Although the Stern family’s connections with banking and the provision of financial services across Europe can be traced back more than 200 years, it is only in the last year that it has delved into the world of fund management on behalf of private investors.

The result is J Stern World Stars Global Equity, an £83million fund managed out of J Stern & Co’s offices in London by Christopher Rossbach.

J Stern & Co – with the J standing for founder Jerome – was set up in St James’s, Central London, nine years ago to manage a mix of family money and the investment portfolios of seriously rich clients. In total, it manages £575million of assets from both London and Zurich.

As the name alludes to, World Stars Global Equity invests in some of the world’s biggest and most successful listed companies – 26 of them. 

Holdings include technology giants – Amazon and Alphabet – as well as strong consumer brands (luxury goods manufacturer LVMH, drinks producer Pernod Ricard) and leading healthcare companies (Roche and Thermo Fisher Scientific).

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