Pension Age: Global equities – A world of opportunities

Global equities: General sentiment
Chair: Why should investors be looking at global equities today?
Rossbach: When it comes to investing, if you are looking to preserve and increase the value of assets over the long term, investing in the global economy through companies that can generate value by providing products or services that people need or want, is
critical. So, equities have an extremely important role to play in any portfolio that has that kind of mandate. For us, looking at global stocks has always been core because of our core conviction: by investing in quality and value over time, you have a very good chance of generating returns of 8-10 per cent or more. And if you have a long enough timeframe, bouts of volatility are an opportunity not a risk.
A key lesson that we’ve learnt from the financial crisis, which has been reinforced by the single country risk that we have seen here in the UK, is that a global approach is extremely important because diversification reduces the impact of specific adverse economic and geopolitical

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