Return of the sleeping giants: Which unloved stocks are fighting back from the pandemic?

This year has been a particularly challenging one for investors, with the global pandemic causing a sharp divergence in performance between certain sectors.

With news of effective vaccines now dominating the headlines – and the outlook – we have seen a sharp reversal in the fortunes of unloved areas of the market (and a corresponding pullback for some of the “lockdown winners”).

While the outlook remains uncertain from here, a number of stocks which were shunned during the height of the pandemic are now coming to the fore, offering opportunities to investors.

In the gallery, three fund managers highlight their key recovery stocks that they anticipate can outperform as investors come back to unloved names.

Christopher Rossbach, manager of the J. Stern & Co. Global Equity Fund

Alcon is the global leader in eye care, offering a full suite of products from contact lenses to implantations and equipment.

It has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic as the closure of hospitals meant postponement of elective surgeries including for cataracts and therefore impacted their relates sales. 

However, as most of us will need cataract surgery when we get older, surgeries are only postponed and not cancelled. 


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