Don’t call it a comeback, the internet’s been here for years

Our insight piece this month expands on our thesis that we are only at the beginning of the value creation from the internet sector and that investors have a unique opportunity to invest in some of the greatest companies in the world for the next decade and beyond.

Don’t call it a comeback, the internet’s been here for years

Regular readers will remember when we publicly turned bullish on Amazon and wrote our insight article, “Keep calm and carry on clicking”, published in November 2014. We felt that there was a considerable opportunity as Amazon shares had sagged throughout 2014 and sentiment had turned overly negative. It was the first time that we had written publicly on a company and our confidence has been rewarded, with Amazon shares now trading 75% higher since our article eight months ago.
However, it is not only Amazon where we have had success; all of our other internet companies have been successful including Google, RightMove and Priceline. We have a strongly held conviction that the internet sector provides compelling investment opportunities for the long term investor.

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