Our Legacy

Commitment and Contribution

The Stern family has a long history of commitment to society and of contribution to the arts, education and other causes. 

In Germany, the family was involved in the creation of the University of Frankfurt and created the Theodor Stern Medizinisches Institut, which became the University of Frankfurt’s medical school.  The family also created schools, care homes and hospitals for the bereaved and the underprivileged.  The family also gave the Albrecht Dürer Bibliotek to the Frankfurt city library. 

In France, the family established the Fondation Edgard Stern at the University of Paris to support underprivileged students.  Edgard and Marguerite Stern also created the Fondation Fould Stern in support of Jewish children’s health and education.  Members of the Stern family chaired Red Cross committees and other relief organisations during the time of the first World War.

In the United Kingdom, the family historically supported many causes, including social welfare in London’s East End, support for those affected by the First World War and other causes.  Herbert Stern, Lord Michelham, bequeathed the quadriga on London’s Wellington Arch to the nation in 1912.  Designed by Adrian Jones, the sculpture depicting the angel of peace descending on the chariot of war is the largest bronze statue in Europe.  The monumental sculpture took four years to complete and includes Herbert Stern’s 10-year old son, Herman, as the charioteer.

Sidney Stern, Lord Wandsworth, founded Lord Wandsworth College in 1927 through a bequest.   Its alumni are known as Sternians to this day.  In addition, he founded Nightingale House, which today still runs a care home in Wandsworth.

Another important legacy is just outside of London.  In 1883, Baron Herman de Stern acquired Strawberry Hill House, Horace Walpole’s gothic fantasy, in Twickenham.  Under his son Herbert Stern, Lord Michelham, and his wife Aimée, Strawberry Hill saw countless magnificent gatherings, receptions and dinners. 

Strawberry Hill has been brought back to its former splendor by the efforts of its dedicated trustees, curators, staff and volunteers. Following a five year-long treasure hunt, they have brought together many of the most magnificent works from museums and private collections all over the world, including the Royal Collection, Yale University and many of the stately homes in England.  J. Stern & Co. and the Stern family are proud to continue the association with Strawberry Hill as principal sponsor of the exhibition. 

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