Multi-Asset Income Strategy

Our Multi-Asset Income Strategy seeks to generate an income return with lower volatility and the opportunity for capital growth:

  • Through this strategy, we invest in fixed income (usually 40-55%), equities (20-35%) and non-correlated funds (20-25%)
  • Like our World Stars Global Equity Strategy, fixed income investments are selected by us and held directly and equities are either held directly or in our World Stars Global Equity Fund
  • We seek to generate an income of 5% to 5.5% before costs and expenses
  • We aim to have substantially lower volatility than equities
  • Like all our strategies, the strategy has a low turnover
  • We prefer to hold bonds to maturity

J. Stern & Co. offers the Multi-Asset Income Strategy through bespoke portfolio accounts or through the Star Multi-Asset Income Fund.

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