Our History

Rooted in history, focused on the future

J. Stern & Co. builds on the successful 200-year banking history of the Stern family.

The Stern family traces its roots back to the 17th century Frankfurt Merchant’s Quarter. In 1805, Jacob Stern converted the family business into a bank called Jacob S.H. Stern & Co., which became one of the most prominent banking institutions in Germany.

He sent his sons from Frankfurt to build banks in three of the most important European capitals, Paris, London and Berlin, where they prospered over the subsequent two centuries.

The family built its own banks and were founders and major shareholders of leading banks that have persisted to this day, including BNP Paribas in France, Deutsche Bank in Germany, Garanti Bank in Turkey or Banamex in Mexico.

J. Stern & Co. originates from the family office of members of the French branch of the family, who descend from the founders of A.J. Stern & Cie., later Banque Stern, and who sold it in 1988 to what is now UBS.

Our partnership shares the same values of alignment of interests, long-standing experience, engagement, stewardship and in-house expertise to provide clear and transparent bespoke solutions to our clients as we do for ourselves.

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