Charities & Endowments

We apply our expertise on behalf of charities and endowments through the deployment of our World Stars Global Equity and Multi-Asset Income investment strategies in a bespoke manner. 

We work with charities, endowments and their advisers to understand their investment objectives in terms of total return, income and distribution requirements in line with their mandates, their constraints as well as their investment horizons.  We then assess how past investment strategies have measured up to their investment objectives.  We often also assist trustees and charities in refining their objectives before translating those into the most appropriate investment strategies.

Finally, we use our in-house investment expertise to preserve and increase the value of assets for charities and endowments by investing in bespoke portfolios of stocks and bonds of global businesses and other instruments with the objective of producing stable, long-term returns with overall lower volatility and where required reliable distributions through income or disposal of assets.   

Our overall investment approach places great emphasis on the sustainability of the companies we invest in and we can adjust portfolios to reflect specific ESG and similar considerations in discussion with charities and their stakeholders.

Having created and funded many charitable institutions over the past 200 years, we can bring the Stern family’s vast experience to bear on behalf of our clients in the charitable sector.  As with all our investments, we always seek to invest in quality and value for the long-term, in line with the time-tested approach of the Stern family.

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