Investment Management

Preserving and Growing Wealth

We provide bespoke investment management services to families, entrepreneurs, trustees, charities and other long-term investors, always seeking to invest in quality and value, in alignment with the Stern family and the investment principles it has pursued for three generations.

All our investments are based on the quality and depth of our in-house research and investment competence.

Our investment strategies include:

  • Global Equity portfolios of stocks in great global companies
  • Multi-Asset portfolios of stocks, bonds and certain other assets
  • Emerging Market bond portfolios
  • Charities and Endowment portfolios

J. Stern & Co. offers these portfolios as separate managed accounts for those who appreciate the direct ownership of assets in terms of simplicity, transparency and liquidity and as funds for those who prefer the structural convenience and efficiency of investment funds.

Our philosophy extends the successful approach followed by the Stern family for over 60 years:

  • We pursue a research-intensive approach, seeking long-term real returns across economic and market cycles
  • We make decisions without giving weight to index composition, country weightings or momentum
  • We base our decision on the skills of our in-house research team
  • We invest in businesses that we have selected with rigor, not ‘markets’
  • We believe that that certain industries and sub-asset classes should simply be avoided
  • We seek value through differentiated investment ideas, including those with a low correlation to traditional asset classes;
  • We aim to deliver above-average performance with below-average total costs.
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