Modern Wisdom from Ancient Greeks


In this October’s insight piece Catherine Blanc-Adams, who joined us at J. Stern & Co. this autumn and is a seasoned investor in emerging market debt, shares her thoughts on how and where to find opportunity in emerging market bonds.

Modern Wisdom from Ancient Greeks

I recently attended a London conference organised by a well-respected emerging markets asset management firm. The Chief Investment Officer talked about the progress made by emerging markets corporate issuers since 2008 in terms of respectability and communication to investors. Then he looked around the room and said something like “Actually, who was even trading emerging markets before 2008?” I thought to myself: “He cannot be serious” but I saw that only very few others had jumped at his remarks. As I winked at an old colleague, a veteran like me of many crises, the thought occurred to me: “Have I been too long in this market?”

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