My Voyage of E-Commerce in China

Our investment analyst Zhixin Shu has recently spent three months living back in her native China. She was amazed by the shift to e-commerce taking place at a dramatic pace. She has put her thoughts into an insight ‘My voyage of E-commerce in China,’ which is well worth reading given our views on Amazon, Google and other online companies.

My Voyage of E-Commerce in China

Last year, I had the chance to spend three months in China. Unlike many previous visits where my time there was relatively brief, this time I took off my tourist hat and lived like a local.
First things first. A local SIM card was much needed to get me connected whilst on the move. I had an iPhone and a Blackberry from London, but both were locked by my UK operators and would not accept local Chinese SIM. Grudgingly, I forked out 2000 Yuan ($300) to buy a new Huawei smart phone on the recommendation of the young chap in the mobile shop. Huawei is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and the third largest in the world behind Samsung and Apple. Much to my surprise, I grew to like this phone. To start, it has dual SIMs, one for work, one for home, eliminating the need to carry two phones in my handbag. Ok, it may not look as slick as my iPhone but it is only a third of the price.

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