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Our World Stars Global Equity Fund offers our long-term fundamental investment approach as a UCITS fund for those investors who prefer to invest in a fund for reasons of simplicity, familiarity, accessibility or other reasons.

The World Stars Global Equity Fund seeks to achieve capital growth over the long-term by investing based on the same principles the Stern family has applied over three generations.

The fund invests in a concentrated selection of shares in leading global companies with enduring competitive advantage and a long runway of growth.  Companies are selected based on our own fundamental research, taking a long-term horizon and always seeking to invest in quality and value.

Quality means companies that are global leaders, have strong competitive positions and pricing power in structurally attractive and growing markets, have management teams with strong records of value creation and have robust balance sheets.

Value means buying those companies at prices that allows for the prospect of significant capital growth over 5-10 years or more.

The KIIDs (Key Investor Information Docs) for each share class provide you with key investor information about the World Stars Global Equity Fund.  They are not marketing material. The information is required by law to help you understand the nature and risks of investing in this fund. You must read the KIID so you can make an informed decision before deciding to invest. If you are unsure about the suitability of this fund, please consult a financial adviser.  J. Stern & Co. is unable to provide such advice to you.

Your subscription is on the basis of the Prospectus of the Alpha UCITS SICAV, the umbrella fund for the World Stars Global Equity Fund.  The Special Section gives you information that is unique to the World Stars Global Equity Fund.

The Factsheet provides you with more information on the fund generally.

To invest in the World Stars Global Equity Fund, ask your financial adviser, bank, stockbroker or custodian to invest on your behalf, by sending them the KIID for the share class you wish to subscribe for.  They will need to open an account, using the Account Opening Form and can then subscribe for shares on your behalf.

If you wish to invest directly, then you can open an account directly using the Account Opening Form.   Once your account is opened, you can subscribe for more shares using the Subscription Form.

Should you have any questions, then contact us at world.stars@jsternco.com

World Stars Global Equity Fund – Share Class NAV Prices

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