Reflections on the Greek Crisis and a Fateful Referendum

As our readers will know, the Greek crisis has moved into a new phase culminating in a fateful referendum and bailout agreement. In this month’s insight piece, our partner, Katerina Kosmopoulou offers a personal and passionate reflection on the crisis based on her impressions and her long career as an investor. We urge you to read it.

Reflections on the Greek Crisis and a Fateful Referendum

Είπατε τω βασιλεί χαμαί πέσε δαίδαλος αυλά. Ουκέτι Φοίβος έχει καλύβην, ου μάντιδα δάφνιν, ου παγάν λαλέουσαν, απέσβετο και λάλον ύδωρ.

Tell the emperor that the Daidalic hall has fallen. Phoebus no longer has his chamber, nor his mantic laurel, nor his prophetic spring – the speaking water has been silenced.

The above quote was the alleged last oracle given at Delphi, marking the end of an era. Last Saturday morning, around 3:00am, I found myself sitting on a bench at the airport of Heraklion, Crete. I had just arrived from London and was waiting to board a flight to Athens looking to vote in the referendum. All direct flights from London were fully booked, I was not the only Greek living overseas making the trip. One had a strange feeling of historical occasion, a sense that the country, having gone through six years of an unprecedented recession, was reaching a crossroad.

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